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How Thinkific Is Helping Black Business Owners

The current pandemic brought about several challenges for business owners. Now, businesses need an online presence to compete adequately. Thinkific provides a platform that solves this problem for all businesses. Thinkific is helping all black businesses create a sustainable income stream. Thinkific also allows companies to answer specific questions such as; how to turn your […]

5 Business Ideas for African Americans

An African American, also known as Black, is someone of the Africa ethnicity who lives in the United States of America. African Americans are African descendants or black migrants who now live and work in America. Most of the time, they have their settlements in parts of America, where the majority of them live. Places […]

What Will Happen If Chicago Sees Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

Chicago is preparing well when it comes to keeping the citizens in check during this pandemic, especially after reopening. There has been a reported 20 other states which have seen a spike in the recent days. The Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health will have to see a single measure which will allow one to determine the ways we can move forward when it comes to watching them make the right calls.


The economies of Utah and Oregon has seen a spike in the reopening of the economies which can lead to effects like the Texas, California, Arkansas, Arizona, etc. States are trying to weight in the health risks from the virus and also make sure that the economic damage from the stay at home order does not throw millions out of jobs.

Chicago cases

Chicago is in its third phase of reopening and can have health and city officials which can include restrictions like loosened last phases. According to the metrics, it has been noted that around 7% of the cases have come to be positive, adequate hospital capacity is maintained. There are over 4500 tests which is conducted, and there is an increased test which is around 6,500 tests per day. With the contract tracing investigation, around 90% of the cases within 24 hours can remain positive. The cases have remained stable or declined in the past few days, and with the rates of cases resulting in hospital admissions and deaths in the last days can be of concern.


The city is currently trying to track all the numbers, except for the testing capacity which can have its disruptions due to the protests and the weather. There are still many concerns when it comes to the surge in the city, which has lead to mass protests. There are many officials who came up stating that with the public complying with the rules can continue to see progress.


The city is still implementing a system which can help people understand the reopening, which can have a possible backwards move. There are many demonstrators who are wearing masks and can help with the resurgence which can take up to 14 days in the events. There are many possible reasons we can see progress. The city is still determined to stay reopened as long as the metrics continue to stay green, and people ready to stay conscious of their environment.


The Chicago has entered the third phase of the reopening plan amid the coronavirus pandemic where the schools, playgrounds, bars, lounges, large which can have the stadium, indoors theatres, etc. There are many cities which have entered into their first stages of reopening plans, whereas convention centres are still closed.

How Much Do Gel Nails Cost in Oakland?

When it comes to how you want your nails to look, everyone has a personal take on it. Some people prefer their natural nails while some make a regular trip to the salon. Some people who go to a nail shop in Oakland to fix their nails want something special. For something more than the […]