Picture of How Thinkific Is Helping Black Business Owners

How Thinkific Is Helping Black Business Owners

The current pandemic brought about several challenges for business owners. Now, businesses need an online presence to compete adequately. Thinkific provides a platform that solves this problem for all businesses.

Thinkific is helping all black businesses create a sustainable income stream. Thinkific also allows companies to answer specific questions such as; how to turn your knowledge into an online course? How to make courses people are willing to pay for? How to build a website for your business? And how to market your business effectively?

Just as the co-founder said, “when business and education are united, an unstoppable force for change is created.” This fantastic approach to black business is a real bombshell for businesses struggling.

Thinkific has the vision to transform the black business sphere by helping make online courses easy. As a business owner or entrepreneur with specialized skills, you can sell your courses online quickly.

How Thinkific Is Helping Black Business Owners

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Having looked at what Thinkific is doing for businesses, we will dive into them better. We will help you understand how Thinkific is achieving some of their visions for black business owners.

1. Thinkific $1 Million Entrepreneur Growth Fund

Thinkific has, through this fund, supported 2,000 entrepreneurs via funding and mentoring to create online courses. During the pandemic, small black businesses and entrepreneurs were hit. The $1 million entrepreneur growth fund came to existence for this reason.

Thinkific is committed to creating mentorship and funding. These things are required for starting courses and keeping your businesses on track.

Thinkific will match suitable businesses to mentors who will guide them through each process. Thinkific will cover the cost of all the services. Here is a summary of all that you will get:

  • Thinkific will connect you with mentors to guide you while you move your business online with courses.
  • You will be provided with all the support and tools required to launch your course site, design your curriculum, and generate your content.
  • All costs will be fully covered and credits to get your first students.

2. How Thinkific makes use of ActiveCampaign to help businesses

Knowledge and education generally exist within the walls of institutions. Today, there are lots of businesses and persons with great expertise out there. Thinkifc’s goal is to provide them with the required platform. Thinkific’s ActiveCampaign is one of such means of making this possible.

Thinkific ActiveCampaign automation helps customers build a sustainable business. ActiveCampaign is useful for Thinkific’s customer’s specific needs.

Thinkific makes all the complicated process of acquiring customers easy by using ActiveCampaign. The automatic welcome series helps people all through the process.

ActiveCampaign is particularly needful for two of Thinkific’s definite needs:

i. Automated Email Sequence

Thinkific onboarding sequences aid the business by showing them efficient and useable tools. These tools help businesses kick off quickly.

Onboarding on Thinkific takes about 15-20 days, including four drip sequences. All of these sequences focus on different steps while creating a course:

  • Setting up your course

This sequence focuses on how to pick a topic for your course and how to present every lesson. It also ensures that your course topic is in demand. Thinkific offers a webinar that talks about off-app activity that helps you get ready for course creation.

  • Design your website

You will be provided with tips and strategies on how to design a professional website. You will learn how to create a  website that is simple to use for all students.

  • Optimizing your end to end experience

This sequence helps you understand how to enhance your course and website. It ensures that your consumers have an uninterrupted experience.

  • Launch your course

When launching your course, this sequence will enable you to market your course. You will also learn how to deliver an excellent student experience.

ii. Reactive triggers

Thinkific gives customers great experience based on every platform they indicate interest in.

Thinkific has two aspects of their products: The Course builder and the Site builder. The former helps build content for your course while the site builder assists in building websites and landing pages for selling your course.

With Active Campaign, Thinkific can guide every new customer on what route to work on first. Reactive triggers play a significant role. Since event tracking is in use on ActiveCampaign, Thinkific can know where people are.

For instance, if a new customer enters the Site Builder once, this step triggers a follow-up email. This strategy can help lead them back to the Course Builder. If a new customer gains access to the site builder, the action triggers an email. The follow-up email leads them back to the Site builder and introduces all the available features.

With active triggers, Thinkfic makes it easy for black business owners to create courses easily. As a business owner, you can personalize the experience of your customer desires. With an online course, you can create lessons once, and people can use it to enhance their lives.

Who Makes Use Of Thinkific?

Thinkific is for persons who desire to share their knowledge and add education to their pre-existing business. These experts can teach all types of courses from learning how to fly a drone to developing digital skills.

People make use of different online courses to train customers on products and services. Thinkific helps business owners leverage their time by transferring their trainings online. Thinkific also allows experts to monetize their place of expertise. The opportunity for online training and education is unlimited.

How Much Does Thinkific Cost?

Thinkific has a free platform that anyone can use. If you are looking for specific features, you can check out their prices for their paid plans as it varies. Prices start from about $45.

Thinkific helps black businesses create websites and follow up on existing customers. Making use of Thinkific can boost your reach and customer base. You can also win an entrepreneurship fund.